Change Magazine September 2017 Issue - Page 8

Rescuing and Valuing the Woman FRONT ROW project Raphaele Godinho Like in many other countries, it is not easy being born in Brazil. The Human Development Index (HDI) of the country is at 0.754. It had two presidents in less than four years and is known internationally for its corruption. 4 Change Magazine September 2017 Growing up in Brazil is even harder. Towns in the countryside have many conservative values and because of this, most people are always against new ideas. As a result, these conservative values influence young people so they start believing in them too. Living in this country is like watching horror movies. I am currently 17 years old and I see my older classmates leave school to marry, work, or have kids before finishing high school. When we grow up listening that girls are destined to cook, clean the house, and take care of everyone for the rest of our lives, some of us start to believe that it is true. I have noticed this phenomenon to occur gradually when I was fifteen. My friends started getting pregnant and wearing engagement rings, when they were uncertain if they will ever graduate. At first, I thought it was normal but I realized that there must be some mistake. Why is it that my friends are this way? I grew up with books and strong women. I was aware of my future condition as a woman and my current condition as a girl in society. I was sure that if I didn’t have enough strength and inspiration, I probably would follow the same path as those girls and end up being a frustrated housewife. I do not mean that Change Magazine September 2017 5