Change Magazine September 2017 Issue - Page 6

FOUNDER’S NOTE One great shame today, is that you can put a man on the moon but somewhere on earth you still cannot put a girl in school. Nearly two hundred years have passed since the first wave of feminism yet girls remain in bondage to their gender. In many developing countries, girls are forced out of school due to financial burdens, peer pressure, parents’ expectations and society customs. As a consequence, they lose the opportunity to realize their potentials and dreams. To explore the problems of girls’ education, and more importantly, to discover solutions, Change Magazine organized a competition to collect innovative stories throughout the world. We received submissions from 20+ countries, many of which are inspiring and phenomenal. With much reluctance, however, we had to choose the top 5 winners from this fierce competition, and their articles have been published in this issue of Change Magazine. Please join me in congratulating these winners and reading their stories! Kong Zhe 2 Change Magazine September 2017 Change Magazine September 2017 3