Change Magazine September 2017 Issue - Page 56

grant writing, communication and analytical skills will be developed. Educational projects often focus on issues facing teachers and facilities, but ignore the driving role of students and their motivation and efforts. Such initiatives would be essential to improve the status of girls’ education. Source: Carole Audrey Nyemeck Source: Dare & Dream About the Author Bolun Li Co-founder, Diinsider 52 Change Magazine September 2017 LAUNCHING SOON THE DIINSIDER WEBSITE Recently, Diinsider signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Dare & Dream, an online/ offline consulting platform working with rural girls from low income families in Cambodia. Their aims are to empower girls to pursue higher education, to inspire them to chase their dreams, and to build girls’ networks platform to help them go into further education. While the online platform provides girls convenience in communicating with their mentors via email, Facebook and Skype, the offline platform allows them to directly reach out for face-to-face consultation. We will be working together with Dare & Dream to overcome their technological difficulties, insufficiency of human capital, and their financing challenges. These are just a few examples of how young people and social entrepreneurs take actions to improve girls’ education. In fact, all of them are small or startup initiatives and they have faced enormous challenges in growing their impacts. Most of the time, impactful innovations come from small initiatives and changes happen when thousands and thousands of grassroots players work toward the same goal which in this case, is to improve education equality for girls in low- income communities. This perfectly represents the vision of CHANGE Magazine. We are dedicated to making real changes happen in girls’ education alongside thousands and thousands of grassroots changemakers. A place where Changemakers and Investors can connect and collaborate in changing the world.