Change Magazine September 2017 Issue - Page 26

on sexual violence to 78 schools with a total of 15,000 students for 5 days. “A girl student once wrote a note to us, ‘I was once sexually abused in a train and because of Lentera Sintas Indonesia, I finally figured out how to respond to that,’” Hage shared. “And that’s the real measurement of success that we highly appreciate rather than the number of counseling sessions we do in schools,” she added. Hage is also the campaign director of #MulaiBicara (“start to speak” in English), a movement under Lentera Sintas that was implemented in April 2016 to raise awareness that sexual violence is not only the responsibilty of the government and non- government organizations, but the responsibility of all. In an interview, Hage explained that this campaign encourages people to begin speaking up for victims of sexual violence who cannot speak up for themselves. The most recent initiative of the #MulaiBicara campaign is to urge the government of Indonesia particularly the House of Representatives to ultimately ratify the Draft Law on the Elimination of Sexual Violence by conducting a petition which requires 150,000 signatures in total. “The actual purpose is not only to reach the targeted number, but to advocate and educate the public about the existence, the content and the impact of the law if it is either being implemented or neglected by the institution since people are 22 Change Magazine September 2017 not aware about this policy,” Hage explained. The current number of signatures is at 85,143. Lentera Sintas is aware that behavior change towards sexual violence will be a challenge. Another challenge they are anticipating is finding long term solutions to keep their foundation running. They also hope to be a part of the national campaign of the National Commission on Violence Against Women Indonesia. Fortunately, their campaign #MulaiBicara has started collaborating with #GerakBersama (“moving together” in English) from National Commission on Violence Against Women Indonesia in empowering women. This is a great milestone for the foundation. Despite the challenges in the fight against sexual violence in Indonesia, Lentera Sintas remains a source hope and strength for the victims of sexual violence. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing,” Hage quotes Irish Statesman Edmund Burke. Change Magazine September 2017 23