Change Magazine September 2017 Issue - Page 24

2014 to 2015. In 2016, there were 259,150 cases reported. Moreover, the Indonesia Statistic Agency reported that 28 million women have experienced sexual violence. Unfortunately, the maximum prison sentence of a perpetrator in Indonesia is only five to fifteen years based on Article 82 of Law Number 35/2014 on Child Protection. In other countries, they might be sentenced at ten to twenty-five years. This is why the Draft Law on the Elimination of Sexual Violence is highly expected to be ratified by the House of Representatives and the Government of Indonesia. Through its ratification, the Indonesian Government will have the responsibility to undertake more serious actions in the protection of victims and the prevention of sexual assaults through fair and impartial instruments. Other responsibilities include conducting proceedings of the investigation, the judiciary standing up for the victims, a change in the views and behavior of law enforcement, and policy- making about sexual violence as a crime against humanity and not just a mere moral issue. INDONESIA Grassroots Voices FIGHTING SEXUAL VIOLENCE IN INDONESIA 20 Change Magazine September 2017 Pranichia Islamy Resya According to the National Commission on Violence Against Women Indonesia, 30 women experience sexual abuse every day. 11,719 women are abused by their partner in personal domain while 1,074 cases of women are raped by strangers. Similar cases have caused an increase of 9% in sexual violence issues from Unfortunately, the Draft Law on the Elimination of Sexual Violence in Indonesia has not been ratified up until now. The longer it is being postponed, the more sexual assaults are bound to occur. The current legal system has prevented victims from finding appropriate ways to express themselves and seek justice. In response to this, Lentera Sintas Indonesia was founded. Lentera Sintas Indonesia was established in 2011 as a community which provides safe spaces for victims of sexual violence to be comfortable in sharing about their experiences. According to a survey conducted by Lentera Sintas with, victims of sexual violence remain silent because they do not feel safe and are afraid of social judgment. In 2013, Lentera Sintas widened its scope, not only to handle victims but also urge the government, education authorities, and other related law institutions to join the fight against sexual violence. Since that reformation, the foundation has grown to conduct more activities such as campaigns and other activities related to education, socialization, and advocacy. When asked about the reason why she established Lentera Sintas Indonesia along with her friends, Driana Rini Handayani and Wulan Danoekoesoemo, Sophia Hage explained, “Many people fRFVrF&W7@F6WV76VG2B2Bǐ&WBFR&V6fW'WB6&WBFR&WfVFb6WVfV6RFB2vvRG'FvfP6W&vRF66WGF&RffV@W&F6FrFR7Bb6WVfV6R( ХFRFǒ7FfFW2'VFW&6F2FW66VFP&fFRVWFw2767FVB'WW&V6VBf6ƗFF"f"FPf7F2b6WVfV6R&W6FW0FBFRfVFF66GV7G06V6VƖrF֖FFR660Bv662FR&Vv`'FvRf"FRVfW'6FW0v6&R6VvVFVB6FR@WG6FR'FVFW&6F06VW2FV2gWGW&R6vVW'0W&F6Fr6WVfV6P'W'7VFrFVF'V@6v2&VFVBFFR77VRख#bVFW&6F2FW66&&FvFVGV6FWF&FW2bFW6B#`fVFVW'26GV7FVB6V6VƖpwwr6vVrF6FW"66vRvR6WFV&W"#p#