Change Magazine September 2017 Issue - Page 22

cross-class empathy. A large and diverse volunteer base of children coming from English medium schools will use drama as a creative medium to enhance the English speaking skills of children at municipal schools and provide meaningful experiences for them. The Beginning Jazz Hands, a nonprofit organization, was founded by Arya Diwase and her friend Rastogi while studying for their Freshman Year at New York University. Although they came from privileged backgrounds and were lucky enough to have studied at the premier educational institutions in India, they were aware of the huge gap that existed in the academic and extracurricular inputs being provided by private schools when compared to public schools. Underprivileged children who completed their education from these municipal schools, found it very difficult to compete in the college entrance exams with their counterparts from English medium schools. Thus, a large section of aspirational India, that dreamt of better wages and a better life were doomed to failure. While competing in NYU Stern School of Business’ Social Impact award under the Reynolds Programme for Social Entrepreneurship, they put forth their idea of improving the 18 very low levels of self-esteem prevalent in under privileged children. Not only did they aim to improve the children’s grasp over spoken and written English but also by teaching them the language through a drama-based methodology that would enhance their freedom of expression. They went on to bag a stipend of 1000 USD for their concept which they decided to initiate as a pilot project in their hometown in Pune, India, by registering a nonprofit organization named Jazz Hands. Jazz Hands Jazz Hands aims at bridging the learning divide that exists between children coming from different sections of society. This is made possible by encouraging children from privileged backgrounds to contribute towards the capacity building of children from underprivileged communities. It hopes to erase the class gap by connecting volunteers attending private schools or colleges with underprivileged children from public schools, resulting in greater Change Magazine September 2017 A one-of-a-kind drama-based curriculum has been developed with the help of faculty from Pune and New York University. It is tailored to adhere to the requirements of the curriculum as prescribed by the Education Department for English Language. The main objective of the program is to provide a platform for the volunteers and children to work toward a common goal. It aims to improve both written and spoken English fluency in children and provide an outlet for creative expression which boosts confidence and facilitates self- exploration. Jazz Hands is able to adapt to the specific needs of partnering schools due to the flexibility of their curriculum which is modified to support the school’s existing teaching patterns. This method of collaborative teaching allows Jazz Hands to establish a meaningful bond with their educational partners, ensuring a synergetic re ][ۜ\][\BXY][Y[وX\[[˂H^[[[\™X\[H[\[Y[XHXܛ™[ܘ\X[[\\]\B[] X\Y[Y\ܘ[K[\X\]H]X\ۙB[\YY][H][]\H\]Z\[Y[قZ\[\][YY][[H\[وYHYX\B[]X]]H]\Y]ۛH]B[Y\[H]Y[š\ܛۈ[YHݙ\ Y[[ N [\X\X[]]Y[[\]BZ\[ۋ[HZ[YX\^[[^[[ܙB%]]H[XX%ݙ\[[ܙH]Y\ˈYܙH] Z\\\]\[XBHܘ[H[[ š[[H]H[ۙKXܙ[H[\HX]]Hو^[Y\[HX]][H[\[Y[Y[]\H[Bܛ]\H\X[[H[[H\H[\H[[œ][H[YK[Yۚ[]ܜܘ]HX[\ۜX[]H[]X]]\•\YX\^[Xܘ]Y]Hܙ[^][ۈؘXB[Z\Ԉ[]X]]KXZ[B܈[[]܈[Z[B[[Y[ H[\YYB[Y\[[YHXX[HY[\]\H^HY\Z\[Z\HZ[[HH^X[K^H]H[\ݙYZ\ۈ[[[ۘ[[[Y[H[B\˂H[U[[[H^[Y[ [Y[]X]]H[YHH[BXۛZX]YH]^\[Y]H[\Hۙ\B[][ۜ\]Y[[[HY\[[YXۛZX˜Xܛ[ˈHX]]HوB[]X]]H\H[[[ۘ[ۙ[š]][]Y[YZ[™H\Z[X[ۜوY]KX]H]]܂\H]\H\HY[و X\x&\[[H[[X]H[Y\و^[˂ܙ[وX[][ۜ\ۛHX[]]H]\X\[[[\]]XY[ܚ[]\ۙ]\H\\YH H[[[H[Y\™܈YX\YK\ۛH\HH[[HB[\][YY[ܙBۙY[[X\\[Z\[\X[ۜ[[\][œ\Z]HHYZ[HB][YYX[ۜوY]H\¸'Y['H\H\HY\[H[x%\H[[[H[[[ ۈH\[ YY[Y\HX\Y\[Z]Y[Z\[\X[ۜ]Y[H[Z[\Xܛ[˜\H^Y[[\[B]ܛو[[[Y\و\\][ۜ[X[\ˈ^B[[XXH]\[\Y\ZB]Y[K\]\[K\ܚ\][ۋ[X[Bܚˈ^H\H[ٛܛYY[œ[]]H[]YX[ۙY[X]\\[[[\^B\YH\[[K]\\˜XZ[و\\[ۈ\Y\ܛH]]K]\\[˜ۙ]Y[Y\[X[ۜوY]H]\HYBXY][Y[و^[˂Hܘ[\ܛX[B]\Hܘ[H[Z[]\[Bܘ[\ܛX[HۈYBHHY[۝وH\B]YY[H\\[Z\\[[Z[HY[XX\\[›و[Y\]ˈHX]BۙY[H]X[[^\[\[\Y^\][HH\ۙ^HܙX][ۜHXYX[ܛو\H\\˜[X^[˂[[\˘[[XYYZ[Y\H[HXY^[H\[X\ MŒN