Change Magazine September 2017 Issue - Page 10

being a housewife is a bad thing. It is in fact an important role in society. What I mean is that girls need to know that they can be more than what they believe they are. Among my friends, mostly boys had high self-esteem. The girls on the other hand, didn’t believe in their potential. In addition, I noticed that boys grew up surrounded by famous masculine figures as inspiration. This is because in schools, men are mainly the principal references in all school books. I wondered: Where are the women in the books? Why are they not mentioned? What are the effects of this on girls? We rarely study women in schools. The worst part is knowing that there are many great historical female figures. They should be in our school books in order to inspire girls of our generation to believe in themselves. However, nowadays, the situation remains the same. A research made by a scientific journal called Science showed that children between 5 and 7 years old think that men are smarter than women. Besides that, psychologist Luis Saraiva from the Psychology Institute at São Paulo University— who studies issues related to family, gender relations and sexuality—says boys are invited for strategy games, such as chess, more often than girls. The Brazilian educational system is teaching only one message to girls: “You’re not intelligent. So why study?” It is also important to remember the position of Brazil in international ranking of 6 Change Magazine September 2017 married kids. According to Az Mina Magazine and Unicef, Brazil ranks number 4, with more than 2 million married girls. Considering all this, when I was 16 years old, and with the support from the Youth Parliament of MERCOSUR, I created an educational project called “Rescuing and Valuing The Woman.” In this project, rather than typically learning about male figures, we introduce great female personalities and talk about the inequality of gender. Where I live, this topic is always a taboo. Since this project started, the scenario has changed for the teenagers affected by this project. Here, in São Paulo state, one of the most typical musical genre among teenagers is Rap. At our school, Change Magazine September 2017 7