Change Magazine July 2017 issue - Page 8

Photo by: Anh Thu Le Anh Thư Lê with her team in a community event Social entrepreneurs: passionate but not sustainable? Social entrepreneurs are get- ting younger. Most new comers are from the millennial gener- ation who consider it as both a passion and a business. Young people today are growing im- patient with social problems and feel a great need to create their own change. However, most of their social adventures end at an early stage or fail to scale up. Overtime, when change-makers are struggling with financial difficulties and when initial passions burn out but the expected social im- pact has not been realized, all things get stuck and initiatives become totally unsustainable. The challenge most social en- trepreneurs face is how to keep 5 a passion and turn it into a sus- anthropic foundations with a tainable social enterprise. budget less than 10,000 USD per year. Due to lack of finan- Social entrepreneur- cial resources, it is extremely for them to sur- ship: from “0” to “1” challenging vive, let alone scale up. With- out scaling up, it is impossible To fully