Change Magazine July 2017 issue - Page 5

founder’s note It was July 2016, we just had an idea, a simple idea that came out from a simple discussion. We didn’t try to build a startup, rather just wanted to build a platform to share stories of innovative development initiatives. Later, what we found was absolutely fascinating – a Change Maga- zine came out of a short talk with Gladys Llanes and Bolun Li. Since then, a lot of really small but meaningful things have started to come with the constant effort of some energetic people. Today, the small idea is a Hong Kong based social enterprise, Development Innovation Insider, and it’s going to publish its 3rd volume of Change Magazine, which is a platform for global exchange of ideas and stories of development innovations. Through this magazine, we are promoting innovative development models and ideas happening around the world, and thereby motivate people to replicate or get inspired by the impact created by those models. Now, what you will find in the pages of the 3rd volume of the Change Magazine is a collection of inspired and instructive articles written by real, honest, down-to-earth folks who worked hard to live deliberately, and collected stories of innovative development projects around the world. Moreover, we believe, our young generation needs deeper, multidimensional views of the development initiatives and inspiration to become leaders of the next generation. Thus, sharing ideas and thoughts and motivate them can transform global innovations for greater good. So, I invite you to experience the Change. I invite you to get inspired. Mostafezur Rahaman Co-founder, Development Innovation Insider