Change Magazine July 2017 issue - Page 41

ent, more than 10,000 users access the app in a day and 60 percent of them are women. In Bangladesh, the Ready- made Garments Industry (RMG) contributes to more than 80 percent of its total ex- port. Around four million peo- ple work in this sector where more than 85 percent are women. Majority of the people working for this sector have no proper education at all as they mostly come from unprivi- leged families. Moreover, they lack access to health services, better nutrition, legal advice and general knowledge of life. In connection to this, the ser- vice providers, Maya Apa and BRAC, are now working with 50,000 women under a pilot phase to provide the said help service which has an end goal of reaching four million gar- ment workers. Doctors, lawyers and thera- pists can often be out of reach due to financial, socio-cul- tural and geographic barriers in countries like Bangladesh. Maya Apa is a light in the dark in this time and age. In the fu- ture, it could be an effective tool in transforming lives and the society. This app is downloadable on Google Play for free. Photos from: Maya Apa official Twitter Page 38