Change Magazine July 2017 issue - Page 38

Lara with the Batak Community Photo by: Lara Frayre Currently I have been working as a graphic designer. Gladys: Do you have a team working for the Batak craft? Lara: We are actually a small Ever since then, we have been team of two, me and Jun. Jun able to document their culture handles the on the ground and get some interest from operations and I connect the some countries and partner brand to the investors. with some of them. Lately we’ve partnered with Coopita, a mar- hGladys: What challenges have ketplace in Singapore. Actually you overcome? Do you have right now Coopita is helping some challenges you are facing us fund our campaign. The right now? process has been a bit difficult since I funded the entire thing Lara: One challenge that we at first. I had to go to Manila overcome is the establishment to work and if I have enough of good relationship with the money saved up I go back tribe. again to Palawan. But hopeful- ly if everything goes well, this One of the challenges we are could be a full-time job for me. facing right now is that we need 35 me and my team going around to different Batak settlements just riding a motorcycle and trekking mountains. help in scaling. We already have the interest abroad but in terms of resources we currently do not have enough manpow- er and financial resources to be able to cater to those inter- ests which is why we’re crowd- funding this campaign so that we can collect enough start up money to be able to produce our first ever pioneer batch of baskets. We have already been selling. We’ve already sold bas- kets to India and we’re about to sell in Singapore but this doesn’t guarantee of having a physical store yet so hopefully with the crowdfunding cam- paign we can scale our oper- ations and hopefully to hire more team members and have a steady office in Palawan.