Change Magazine July 2017 issue - Page 37

Gladys: What kind of support do you impart to them for this project? Lara: At the moment we’re im- parting more of values than technical skills. Technically what Batak craft does now is essentially we connect them to the market. As of this point we are not imposing anything to them. We do not give them any designs but through the help of our crowdsourcing campaign we hopefully can help them develop new products. A lot of it has been just teaching them Photo by: Sanda Jao and Faith Veloro Grandma weaver values and helping them get gap under their state of mind more organized. right now. We’re trying to build the foundations first which It takes time to build trust with is to cultivate the values and them. For us it took years to go once we have that framework back and forth to their plac- in place then it’s easy to teach es, living with them. And so them some other stuff already I think the values that we im- because they will now be men- parted were critical thinking. tally, emotionally, and cultural- As tribes, they were a bit gull- ly prepared for it. ible. What we wanted to im- part to them was to make them Gladys: From the research you think outside of their boundar- conducted to now, what has ies, to always question things. been the progress so far? And from there they can start thinking about entrepreneur- Lara: The formal research stat- ship because it’s still a very long ed around October 2014 with 34