Change Magazine July 2017 issue - Page 32

ety in a way and manner that will enable easy comprehen- sion”. To solve the problems high- lighted through Glow Initiative for Economic Empowerment, they work and partner with other organizations to identi- fy communities enriched with economic resources and pro- vide training for SMEs creation along the existing value chain. They also provide mentorship to the trainees to enable them succeed right from the idea stage. Photo from: Glow Initiative FB page Based on the organization’s current model of raising funds mostly through grants by char- ity, foundations and impact investors, revenues are unpre- dictable, and this calls for more strategic models that guarantee sustainability, most especially for the sustainable growth of the organization. Oguegbu and her team understand that if rev- enues keep fluctuating and are also tied to the dictates of grant organizations, there might be little chance to innovate with new products and also have a consistent impact pattern. This is why it is important to con- sider corporate offerings as a spin-off of the organization. By 2018, Glow Initiative for 29 Economic Empowerment in- tends to generate at least 40% of its revenues on an annual basis from corporate services including but not limited to Consulting for companies, governments and NGOs on Green Growth, Renewable Energy and Climate Educa- tion; Training workshops for companies and organizations on production of renewable energy technology; Massive continuous sale of published books to the public; Sale and marketing of renewable energy products; Training conferences for Geography teachers in sec- ondary schools and University lecturers in Environmental sci- ence departments; and above all, Increase collaborations and partnerships with for-profit or- ganizations. Moving forward, Oguegbu believes that the future is bright if Nigerians can get the full im- portance of renewable energy technology. “The problem is that majority of Nigerians are unaware that not all renewable energy products are expensive. Small applications exist that are very affordable and can serve the basic needs of businesses and households,” enthusiastic Oguegbu said. She opined that adopting renewable energy solutions would be encourag- ing if the government can set up a Renewable Energy Fund to provide capital especially for young people who want to go into renewable energy busi- nesses. “This will go a long way to encourage other persons to join the bandwagon.” For the daring young lady, she is tirelessly working with her team to build an organiza- tion with a sustainable model that others will look up to in the near future. Her plan is to continue to strengthen their engagement with the public on promoting renewable energy technology and resources, and to be the voice leading positive change in this sector in decades to come.