Change Magazine July 2017 issue - Page 31

cassava in abundance,” she said. “I constructed a large scale cas- sava processing factory which enabled the women process large quantities of cassava for sale in bulk sizes. It gave the women a source of livelihood and enabled them afford the school fees of their children.” Her work received a recogni- tion from the state government who mentioned that it will be replicated across the state of Kwara. It was a complete com- munity make-over which had ripple effect on the entire com- munity of about 2,500. Ogueg- bu organized for nearby mar- kets to purchase the processed cassava, locally known as ‘garri’ from the women to sell in retail and make good financial re- turns. “The extreme success of the program made me realize how much economic impact can be achieved if a commu- nity is empowered using their own inherent resources and hence to u30changemakers' the beginning of Some led of our Glow Initiative. ” initiative are featured here! and create sustainable jobs for teeming women and youth population in Nigeria, she is working in partnership with InstaSolar Energy LLC head- quartered in USA to set up community centers to promote clean water, energy and educa- tion. Her organization recently conducted needs assessment research in various commu- nities and selected 5 most economically disadvantaged villages to establish solar cen- ters BG&&W6FVG2vVWB'VrFR&V7B0&V7FVBF6W'fRRVЧRvF66W72F6VvFW"6VVW&wBVf&VЧFƗFW&7wVVv'^( 2FVF6F@762&fVBFRvVЦ&VrbVG&VG2bVP7&72vW&6VFW0BfWF6VBW"fW"6BFW&Fv&G2@&V6vF2( 26VFr&W2ЦFVB&&6&( 2FRЦv6wFfVw6f Vrg&6VFW'3vRЧ&VW&w6@&V6Vfr&W7FvW27VW fFFF7VBFRVЧfW'6GbFVv&RVW&w6fW&V6R#b6֖"FFW"VBЦ&R&v旦F2FFfW0v&ǒRbFR"6ЦVvW22&VVF&V7Fǒ&VBЦVBFVf&ƗGb6FF6fVVFǒgVB&V7G2( vRfRV&W"bVЧRv&RvƖrFV&6W'F6'WBGVRFFRf7@FBvRFBfRgVG2F6fW"FV"G&rFWfPB&VV&RF( wVVv'P6B( 6v^( fRBFR&"ЦVbFffW&V6R&Vf 'VRBbVR&PFffW&V6RFFR7V&V7B`&VWv&RVW&wB6ƖFP6vRF2W2W"F6&BFff7VBBF6fRBvPw&FRB&2F7V6f6ǐFG&W72V67G&FbFR66Фv'vFFR&Vvf&֖r6VFW0Fg&ӢvrFFfRf"V6֖2VvW&VBd"vPF7W7FFR7B2Ц6Ɨ6VBB&WƖ6FP7&72f&W2vW&6ЦVFW2wVVv'RfVFV@vrFFfRf"V6֖0VvW&VB&f@&v旦FFFVBF&7@FRV6֖2FWfVVB`6VFW2'&W76pBV6rFV"&&&W6W&6W2BV6֖2ЧFVF2F7&VFR'2B&ЧfFRV2bƗfVƖBVЧFFVǒ&VGV6rfW'G@7W'FrV6֖2w&wFख&BF&VGV6RfW'G#