Change Magazine July 2017 issue - Page 26

Another project that the par- ticipants took on was the cre- ation of executive chairs out of used car tires. These large quantity of tires in Afon were used for burning cows during ceremonies and festivals which pose a great threat to the atmo- sphere. Following the trend, Balo- gun Abubakar saw that in spite of the passion for education among adults and children, there was a problem of insuf- ficient classroom furniture for school children. Abubakar also learned about the problem of the wastage and improper disposal of tin cans which as a result, blocks the drainage whenever there are and around Afon communi- heavy rains. ty with materials that can be transformed into innovative He saw the connection be- kid’s projects which are both tween these two challenges and fun and can be adopted as easy began to create comfortable ta- learning tools. bles and executive chairs out of With all these projects, Prik- milk tins that can sit both chil- kle Academy envisions an Afri- dren and adult comfortably. ca where rural youths are com- The belief that there are munity builders and problems enough assets deposited in ev- solvers, who are valued by ev- ery community drove Prikkle erybody and play a critical role Academy to kick start another in national and international project in the same communi- development. ty. They [YY][ݘ]]B\[]X]]H[[YY\ܛHX\[[ BY[\YK[X]H[[ٛܛHܘ\ܛ[]KB\Z]HܙX]]H[]\[]Y\XYH[\YXY[HZ[و[[YXۚ^[[]KBHܙ[^][۸&\ܙ]\]^[Z\\\\˂ܘ\ܛ[X\H[NY[HX[ZY[B\X\[\[]\\[XY[YHH\][\\\][Z\[][]B