Change Magazine July 2017 issue - Page 25

Photo from: Adam Abdulraheem Primary three school child showcasing his standing fan made from local source materials AVI was established with the aim to identify and respond to community problems by find- ing sustainable solutions to them. Among their projects is educating primary school chil- dren on child abuse, personal and environmental hygiene. Moreover, they have organized free information communica- tion technology (ICT) training for secondary school students in Afon to make learning eas- ier for them. Together with AVI, Prikkle Academy began its Collabora- tive Community Development project (CCD) which brought together 30 young communi- ty members in Afon to “drive change within the community by looking at what works in- stead of what’s wrong.” The AVI website states that the project was established not only to talk about the resources in Afon but also mobilize it into tangi- ble social solutions. Before the organization’s The run of the CCD project introduction of the ABCD approach, the initial view of has resulted into the develop- AVI and Afon in general was ment of new projects by the focused on what was missing participants. in their community instead of One participant, Adam Ab- what they have. dulraheem learned that from a large population of farmers in Afon, most spend their annual income on inorganic fertilizer that has negative effects on the soil and threaten the health of the people. Futhermore, he found out that despite the level of hunger in his community, people still managed to waste food. Tack- ling these two issues at once, he proposed the conversion of the massive food waste in his com- munity into organic fertilizer. As a result, farmers will have access to low-cost fertilizer to produce safe food for the pop- ulace while protecting the eco- system. 22