Change Magazine July 2017 issue - Page 23

Photo by: Gaia Luziatelli AGUAPAN Farmers In the districts of Yauli and Paucará in Huancavelica and Haquira in Apurímac, several young people were trained, by the engineers from Yanapai in plot mapping using GPS and questionnaires in the commu- nity. Their aim is to monitor the temporal and spatial change of native potato diversity and to determine which are the most common and scarce potatoes and the influencing factors that contribute to such phenomena. This exercise will be repeated in five years to see the change over time. bility of species diversity. Overall, this case shows that partnership and cooperation can accomplish great things. However, there is still a con- This initiative has proven that tinuing call for the government educating the younger gener- to commit to supporting its ations in using technology is people. an important element to max- imize the effective use of natu- ral resources and maintain sta- 20