Change Magazine July 2017 issue - Page 22

Andean farmers for centuries. Funds are then divided equal- ly among the families that form the association. This is a novel form of benefit sharing between a breeding company and indigenous farmers that supports rural livelihoods and in-situ conservation of potato agrobiodiversity. AGUAPAN has also built partnerships and acquired aid from various organizations. The International Center of Po- tato (CIP) which, through the use of new technologies and research systems, is in charge of conserving the genetic re- sources of various tubers for the coming decades. The non-government organiza- tion Yanapai is responsible for implementing innovation and development policies to improve the management of natural resources for sustain- able agro-ecological systems. The Peruvian Society for Envi- ronmental Law is in charge of promoting and verifying the effective implementation of en- vironmental policies and stan- dards by participating as an intermediary between the gov- ernment and the farmer ˈ\˜\]]HܚX[]]\Bܙ[][ۋ[ۚ]ܚ[[^[Hو^\Y[\[BZXܛ[\]Y[Y\B[[Y\و][[Y\XKY[\\H[Bx&\ٙXX[[XYKXZܚ]BوH[H[Hݚ[\œXZ]YXXK]ܙZYۂ\X\\[Xܘ]ܜZ[[\\[[[\B\Y\H\YHوH[BXYH\Y\\Y\Y [[[Y\[\X\\\HZ[Y[]YXXH^H[[][X]H[[\[H[Y\ˈ\\\Y[[H[KB[ۈوH]\]HوX\X[ۈ\X\X[YKBY[\[\[ۛYB[X]YܚX[\[[]\]KNZXH^X][BN