Change Magazine July 2017 issue - Page 19

WHAT WE DO We create storybooks ad- dressing peace, diversity, toler- ance, gender equality, women empowerment, environment, and child rights. We currently have 22 books originally writ- ten by Myanmar authors and illustrated by Myanmar artists. The books are originally writ- ten in Burmese and translated into 11 different Myanmar lan- guages. Our books are colorful and they reflect our culture as well as teach important lessons. Photo by: Third Story Project Myanmar school kids happy to get their new book. We use very simple words to cater to our target audience which are kids under ten. The messages are subtle and in this way, we get kids to think criti- cally about issues. We believe in the power of Photo by: Third Story Project Third Story Project produced books art to spark something in chil- dren that could inspire them to want to take action and change their surroundings. Our sto- ries are forms of art and it is them. our hope that our storybooks In 2016, we had a chance can reach as many children as to invite Sam Reiff-Passarew it can. from the Story Pirates in New To encourage critical think- York, to conduct a story writ- ing and discussion, our sto- ing training for our team an @&W2fRVW7F2BFRVBfVFVW'2vRfR66RW6V@bV6&Ff6ƗFFRFV"WFG2FFV66G&VF2vRV6W&vRW"fVBWFrF7&VFfVǒFRЧFVW'2F&VBFVBVvvRfVFV"v7F&W2g&ЧFR6G&V'F67W76rFRfW"#7F&W2vR6VV7FV@fW"bFV2W"Wr&0VW7F2F&RV&Ɨ6VBvR6RfVFVW'2vW@'&#rvRvfPrvVvF6G&VЦVFFVǒFW'2&RBfW'#b7F'&2vR&RЦ6f'F&Rv&rvFrF7&VFR&R'FRV@FVF&W6fRF2vR&bFRV"fFR7F'FVƖrG&w2f F'F&B7F'&V7@&RG2VrFV"Wr&rD$T4U"t07B6G&Vז fRWfW"B6&gV&bFV"vvRvBFvfPFV&2FBFWvfPBfVV6V7FVBFvRvR6v2ǐf"w&G2FF7G&'WFRg&VP&2fW"ז"vPfBFBF22Fff7VBF&P&R7W7F&RvRBFv&fBg&W"&2V&ǒ#bvRFV6FVBF&VrЦ7FW"26BV"ЦƗ6W"FFvRfR&V6P6Vb7Vff6VB