Change Magazine July 2017 issue - Page 15

me personally and profession- ally, a space that created an ex- perience full of emotions and lessons learned.” Photo by: Hearts of Gold Foundation Our partners engaged in a discussion during our sessions. rate. This helps give legitimacy to the program and holds them accountable to take the pro- grams seriously. have shut their doors. They are all surviving, growing, and even better so, creatively devel- oping new programs and solu- tions to tackle their respective social issues. Each of our part- Defining Impact ners has a strategic plan and a Our success will be defined fundraising plan in place that by nonprofits keeping their can help them carry through a doors open even through tough long term vision. times, when their leaders feel Miriam, Director of Centro empowered, and when a net- work of these organizations Educativo NOVA, said that, persist to thrive. We are proud “for me personally this work- to say that none of our partners shop was a space that enriched Another partner, Rocio, the Director of CETAP-Lucy, also said that, “I would like to send a huge thank you for the grand initiative that Hearts of Gold gave us in order to help us de- velop our capacities as leaders with the theme of communica- tion. We are delighted that to- day we can share this informa- tion with our own team here at CETAP-Lucy. With the team we are going to start with the first portion of the workshop, dream and discovery, so that we as a team can analyze what our goals are, where are our strengths lie, and where are we limited. Another objective of ours that the workshop really helped us with is that we can share this dynamic of learning and the valuable information with all - with our staff, volun- teers, and even more so with our community. We are all so happy and grateful for this ex- perience. Thank you so much.” Educate a leader. Strength- en a nonprofit. Build resilient communities. That’s what we do here at Hearts of Gold in Cuenca, Ecuador. 12