Change Magazine July 2017 issue - Page 14

L ocal grassroots organi- zations are working from the ground up to transform at- risk communities to overcome barriers of social inequalities. When a community organiza- tion and its leader are enduring a difficult time, there is no one to turn to for support, inspira- tion, or advice. Without ongo- ing support and capacity build- ing, these organizations are unlikely to make it past three years of operation and provide the sustainable solutions and critical services to the commu- nities they serve. Ecuadorian nonprofits are isolated and have a hard time finding emotional and finan- cial support. Hearts of Gold wants to see grassroots organi- zations survive, and even more so, thrive despite poor social conditions that make their they may gain the knowledge Donor Management, Fund- work all the more challenging. and skills to achieve long- raising, and Volunteer Man- term economic independence. agement. By targeting these capacities, and monitoring and evaluating the progress of Innovation in Action: How did this innovation CAP members, we can know The Community come to life? that these nonprofits are in it Assistance Program for the long haul as effective, Hearts of Gold has been informed, and viable organiza- To reach this goal, Hearts of tions. working hard to best serve the Cuenca, Ecuador communi- Gold developed its Communi- ty since 2013. We have always ty Assistance Progr [H T KX\وݚY\˜Y[[Z]Yܚ[XݚY\Y[ܜ\ ][ۜٚ]YZ[\X]HZ[[ܚY[ܜ\[ܚ˜Xܘ]]H]YY\[HY\]HX[Y\[] H]HXY^Y]H܈]œ\H]\\\\HXHܚ[ܝ[]Y\[[ۜܜ\˂ZX[H[\[[ Y\ۜٚ][Z\XY\ˈ\\[ Y[X\وB[Y\H[H[Hܘ[HZY\HY[ܜ\ܘ[HXZ]Y\XY]H\[ HۋH]\X]H\X\]\H\H L H\\[\[YY]H[][H^H[X[܈ۜٚ]\][ێYX\وH[][]H\\B\ܝH]\Hو[ܙ[^][ۘ[[\X\K[Hܘ[H T K܈ Bۜٚ][Z\[]KH]YK[[\\܋H\ܙ[^][ۜ[]Y\[Y[H\YX]HX[HX[Y[Y[ X\HZH\X\]K^H^H܂HXY\[Y]][ [][X][ۜHܚ]H\HŒL