Change Magazine January 2018 Issue - Page 56

Inspiration Wall “HIV and AIDS continue to be one of the most alarming health issues worldwide. The misconceptions and the negative perception of people towards HIV and AIDS are factors that hinder our progress towards healthier communities. Everyone deserves better access to HIV & AIDS education in order to know the science and stop t he stigma!” Anjelou Marie Estrella Co-Founder, Team Dugong Bughaw Philippines “One of the main drivers for the future of Community Healthcare would be integrating technology for primary and preventive care delivery. As such the rise of tele-medicine services will help tackle the problem of accessibility whereas analytics will help in provision of evidence based medicine. In terms of implementation - it’s a matter of how these technologies can overcome infrastructure constraints to ensure equity of care to minimize disparities.” Elwin Singh Co Founder, Connect and Heal India and SEA “Community initiatives are bottom-up led solutions for sustainable development. Such solutions that respond to the local situation often have the best interest and values of communities involved. I am hoping to see more scale-ups of these community-led innovative practices across the world which n turn bring us closer to the great sustainability goal.” Starling Shan New Business Project Supervisor GlaxoSmithKline “With the progress of Science and Technology, we can produce many health care products. But we have to be aware of different consciousness system still exist. In my opinion, the approaches are less important comparing with understanding their real situation.” Lulu Wang Diinsider Change Magazine January 2018 53