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Secondly, promoting the idea of Xihaner Car Washing Center’s operation mode to more areas. At present, the car washing centers have been established in Xining and other cities. Each car washing center provides up to 6 to 10 jobs for the mentally handicapped. Thirdly, we will continue exploring other new ways of employment for those with mental disabilities. Although the services such as car washing can solve the mentally handicapped’s employment, I have always been considering the possibility of expanding to farming and manufacturing. Apart from providing services, can the people with mental disabilities provide more products to meet the market’s consumption demands? From my personal perspective, at this point, the companies should play a pioneering role in exploration. The government can provide the guidance in terms of policy, however, when it comes to exploring new areas, the companies have more advantages. Lastly is on nursing care for the mentally handicapped. Aside from providing job opportunities and helping them integrate into the community, the provision of pensions for them is also a significant part. In this respect, the China Disabled Persons’ Federation (CDPF) has provided comprehensive guidelines and suggestions. The key however, lies in how the local Disabled Persons’ Federation takes actions. In the future, we will still pay more attention to the development of specific measures on pension policies and how they will serve the demands of the mentally handicapped. Diinsider: What kind of support do you want to facilitate the sustainable operation of Xihan Car Wash Center’s? Cao Jun: I think the most important thing is that government could introduce relevant policies to support mentally handicapped people’s employment. Without those policies, it is hard for us to keep working on it for a long time. But with those policies, we could have prerequisites to operate it sustainably, and have its own advantage to attract cooperation and investment from other companies. Diinsider: In the end, can you please tell us what is your motivation or belief on this project? Cao Jun: I want to help these kids to find their ways of making a living. I still have 17 years until I’m 60-year-old. In other words, I’m in my best time. So, I would like to use my full energy to help them. About the Author Shuting Tan recently finished her MSc in International Political Economy from Nanyang Technological University. Her major interests include political  economy, country risk analysis, energy issues, state-society relations and business investigation. She enjoys working with people of different backgrounds for a better society. 50 Change Magazine January 2018 Change Magazine January 2018 51