Change Magazine January 2018 Issue - Page 42

verification to content generation and bringing the campaign to the masses. Give is designed to be entirely self-sustaining by charging a small operational fee from the total funding goal of every case to make this service possible. The more sustainable Give becomes, the more patients we can help and the further our reach goes. Right now we are focusing on healthcare, but Give was started with the intention of helping any individual in crisis or grave financial distress, that is depriving them from basic needs like Healthcare, Education, Sustenance, etc. As we grow bigger, hopefully we will be able to reach out to everyone who needs our help. Can you share one success story? Every time a patient’s campaign is completed, we regard it as a measure for success. For our first case of Tahmina who was stuck at the last stage of her brain tumour surgery for 6 months, we got a good response of people pledging to donate. When the required amount was gathered, Tahmina and her mom were ecstatic and could not believe it. They came all the way from Khulna, and were stuck in Dhaka for 6 months prior to our involvement. Our greatest moment was during their exit interview where Tahmina’s 70-year-old mother said she is thankful and prays for all the generous people who helped them without ever meeting them in person. We made that video clip available to her benefactors. Give isn’t just about directing love from the side that can afford, to the side that cannot. The underprivileged 38 have plenty of ways to reciprocate that love, and Give managed to carry that across too. That was a big moment for us. What challenges did you have to come across? There are so many challenges we continue to face. Getting people to give, is not at all easy even if they are micro-amounts. Handling and collecting payments is another problematic area. We really need some assistance from bKash being the largest mobile payment solution in the country. Hopefully, they can accommodate us in the future. Up until recently, our team was also very small, and it has been very challenging doing all the work with just 3 people. But things are taking shape nicely, especially since we’re getting more people involved! How did you overcome them? We are still overcoming them! Our fortes are our creative work, our capacity to think outside the box when strategizing, and our unyielding attitude. It usually took a combination of those traits to overcome the challenges we faced thus far. We know that trying to cultivate a new attitude of giving in people was never going to be easy. But every case we successfully complete bolsters our motivation to keep pushing forward! What is your long term goal and mission? Our long term goal is to help as many people as we can. There’s an ever increasing gap between the rich and the poor in the world. It is Change Magazine January 2018 especially striking in countries like Bangladesh. We want to bridge this gap. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have a seamless, friendly, wealth redistribution system like Give that came out of the era of Digital Bangladesh? How wonderful would it be if that wealth redistribution directly leads to many women or children’s healthcare becoming affordable? The world will become such a better place. That is our goal. About the Author F