Change Magazine January 2018 Issue - Page 38

A brief look into “Give” There are roughly 160 million people living in Bangladesh. Unfortunately, nearly one-third (31.5% )of them are living under the national poverty line. Because of this, the country’s population has gone beyond its capacity which is taking a toll on the life of its people. This is evident in the sea of commuters rushing to work or the devotees outside mosques after prayers. Most of all, this sad truth is visible in and around hospitals in Bangladesh. People living under the poverty line have just enough to get by living day-to-day. More so, affording proper healthcare is nearly impossible for them. Covering 31.5% of the population is apparently a Herculean task for public healthcare infrastructures. Data from the Bangladesh Health System Review shows that there is only one bed in a hospital for every 1,699 people. This is where Give comes in. It is a startup that provides an online platform that allows the ‘many’ to connect to the ‘few’. With a strict vetting process, thorough verification, and working with trustworthy names to identify those in need, Give will allow people to act on their kindness, and help a fellow human being. With a philosophy to unite people across wealth disparities, Give will spread inclusion, and make healthcare more accessible for the people of Bangladesh through micro-donations. 34 We uncover more about Give from one their founders, Tajwar Hoque. How did Give come into being? Can you please share your story? Give was founded by myself, Tajwar Hoque, and my good friends Sumaiya Hossain and Ayeman Amin. The three of us come from very different disciplines. Ayeman is from a business background from Assumption University in Thailand, and a successful restaurateur in Bangladesh. Sumaiya is from the legal side of things and currently a barrister in the making at City Law School in the UK. I have a background in Computer Science from the UK and a little over a year’s experience working in technology at Goldman Sachs. With our very different backgrounds, we form an incredibly diverse team, where all of us share the same philosophy of wanting to do something for our country and for its people. It was very late one night when I was te 啵Ёٔ!)ѕ䁕ɕ͕ͼՍ)ѕɕЁѡ́ѽѡȁѡ)Ёѕ䁙Ѡѡɽи)ɽչѡͅѥMյ)$ݕɔ͍ͥȁͥ)ȁѡչɥ٥) ͠ݽ$)͡ɕѡЁٔݥѠ)ȁ՝ѕݔɅє)Qɔٔѕ݅́ɵ)ɽչѡЁ啅ȸ)]͡ɕѡЁݥѠ)ѽ́́)Ѽٔ݅ɐ]ѕɅ)ՔݡɔѼ́)х ͠=ȁɥ)ݡɅAɽЃQѡȁͽ)ѥѥٗQ͕́䁉) 5饹)Յܹͥȹ)ѥ́ѽՍݥѠȁɔ)̸]եЁЁȁ)ѹ́͡䁅Ёѥ)ٕ䁽ѡȁ䰁ݔݕɔ٥ͥѥ)ѡх́)ͥ䁽ȁݸхѼ)ѡхɅѥ])ݕɔ她Ѽչхѡ)ѡɔ͍ ͠)ѕȁ܁ݔձ)=ٕȁѡЁ܁ѡ̰ݔ)ٕɅݽɬ)ɵɕѥ́ݥѠͽ)ѡɔѥѥ̸ٗe)Ʌѥ́䁉ɽչ))ձ䁽ѡ́啅ȸ)]Ё́ѡԁ܁)ȁɅѥ)ٔ́܁ٕɅɍ)ɥ́ѡЁ͡ȁ)]݅ЁѼɕєѥє)ɥa٥d])ѼɥЁѡ́)ٕ役ѡɽ՝ȁљɴ])Ё݅ЁԁѼєѼ)ɽаݡɔȁЁ)ٕȁ́ݥѠѡ)յͽٕ)]݅ЁѼ٥Յɥ)Ս́ͥ)=ȁɕЁٽٕ)ݽɭݥѠȁѹ́Ѽ)ٕɥݡɔ)Ʌє)ͥхٕ役́ѽ)Ѽѕ]ѕѼѡȁѽɥ̰)Ʌєѡ͡ɔѡ)Ѽѡ̸͕]յ)ٕѡٔɅՐ)Ёѡѥ́Ёٕɸ)ȁݽɭܸ]ٔ)ͽ͡ձЁٔѼѡ)ݥɔəɵ)̸QЁ́ݡݔх)ɕЁЁѼ٥)ݽѡ䁕ɥ)ٕ䁥٥Յé͔ݔ)ɕɕ͕Ёٽٕٕ́)ɽչѡ=)ѡ͔ɽݐչ)ɔՍ͙հݔ͕ѱѡ)Ёѡͽɍݡɔ)ѡ䁅ɔɕ)ѡɽ՝Ёѡ́ѥɽ)хЁѼ͠ݔɔɕձ)չѥݥѠѡѥ)ݔɕɕ͕и)Qɔ́ЁݽɬѡЁ)Qɽ͔)ܹͥȹ 5饹)Յ(