Change Magazine January 2018 Issue - Page 34

consumers, and first aid training for individuals. At present, their annual financial growth is in line with their annual expectations. Since 2010, First Respond has grown into a for- profit social enterprise, which has more than sixty employees with core management team members from its previous volunteer group. High-quality first aid training is important for developing a company. By training volunteers in different ways, the organization has ensured that they accurately remember and master all the rescue skills. of more than 140 race events in 22 different cities nationwide, covered approximately 600,000 runners, and saved ten lives from sudden cardiac arrest with a 100% success rate. They have trained more than 30,000 people and worked with more than 100 corporate clients and partners to turn their goals into reality. How They Started Like every big corporation, First Respond started small. In the beginning, it was only a group of volunteers led by Mr. Lu Le, now the CEO of the company, providing first aid services to runners in marathon events in China. It was not until later, when they encountered a series of deaths caused by sudden cardiac arrests during race events, that they realized something was wrong. The founding members did some 30 research and found that: 1. In China, pre-hospital emergency care system is nearly absent with significant lack of professionally trained emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and paramedics. 2. A survival rate of cardiac arrest is less than 1% for out-of- hospital patients even in top tier cities. 3. Less than 1% of the Chinese population is equipped with basic life-saving skills. 4. Most public places in China do not have Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) installed and first aid kits prepared for emergency situations. With these facts, Lu and his team decided to make a change. They aimed to create a social impact by offering services and solutions to increase the public’s awareness of Change Magazine January 2018 safety issues in China and promote the idea of “mutual aid” as the new Chinese social norm. Lu decided to enter the first aid industry from marathon races. He introduced Japanese first aid instructors to educate Chinese volunteers. Japan is known to have a high survival rate of people suffering from health emergencies compared to China. He also introduced first aid classes from the American Heart Association and organized groups of volunteers to take the classes. How They Work First Respond has three major sources of business: event support, corporate solution and consumer service. They hone volunteer &B\ZY[Y][˂^HݚYH\ZY\XH܂[\\\ۜ[[\X\܂\\ۙ0[X]]B[][][ۜˈ^H\[B[Y\[Y\[X[\œ^Hۛ[H\ZY[Y\œ]Y]H\Z[\˂[ܙ[ݙ\^H[]H[Y\X\]ۈX\^B[H][]\[X[YKH[[[[[\ݚ[™\ZY[X[H[Y\™][X[HXYH[Xܜ[\[\˂\\\[XX[“][][]Y\‘[[\ܜܘ][ۜZH]ۂ[ۋ\ٚ]ZHYܛœ\Y\]H]\\ۙ \\ۙ[Yܛ\YHܘ[B[YQ\H^H]QQ]X\[XX\X\[[KYܛ[[Y[Z\]\[[ۈ[\[BXZ[[[K\H[\]\][Y\YH[[K\\ۙܘYX[H[Y][[X[YYXH]ܛ\ˈ^H]B\\Y]X] ZYK[[[[\^K\\ۙ\[XXY[[][]Y\ˈ^H\X\Y[[][]Y\\H^BXY\ZYۛYH[ݚYHQQ]X\ˈ^x&]BXXY[[Z[Y XX\[\ZY X\[H\[Y\‘\\ۙYY\][›ٙX\ؚ[K][YB'X[[\[]\\\BܘH܈[ܙH[\]H[[ݘ]]HY]Y\'Hۙ\[B[\Z[[KRۈX[X\K M][Z[HY[YB[\H\XX\وœX[[\\\[Y\˜[[\وݙ\[K[[[[ݘ][ۋ[[[\\[]]\Bݙ\ L[Y\\\YB^H[[\XYHXXܙ[^][ۈ[YH[\\[œ\X\[[[\][[\]YH[\ۛY[و][œX[[ݘ][ۈ[ܙX][š[\X[Y\[[Y\˂'HX[[\\\\[Hܛ[H\ۈZ\[^Y\Y\8'HHZY 8'܂^[\K[\\\[]\Bۘ[]HHۈ[[ZYܘ][ۂ\Y\ˈ[\\\[[H\Bۘ\YHX]X[\Y\X\H[\ۛY[ Y[Y[[[\Y\˂]ۘ\HY]H[\[]YH][Y[وY]H][HX^H[™[[\H[YH؛[H\\H[Y\\H[˸'B[H[HX^HHH\ZXY[]Y\XKBZY]HX\YH\[Y\\]X[H]H\ۂ[H[H[][]K[[\[\܂H]\B\\ۙ[X\]ۂ\Hو[[\ˈY]H\[H]\HوX[\Y\[]Y\ZY HYYXH\۸&]ݙ\[YX]X\Y\˂[ܙ[ݙ\YH[\\\\[&][[X\[ܙHX]\ZY\X\ˈ8']8&\[H\[]\[ۛX™XX\8'HHZY \\\šH܈\X[[ݘ]]B[\\\˂H[^\Y\]\B\[ۈ܈Y]N[\\[]YX[[\[\\š]HHYۛYH[[XXH\ZY[œ[H]]X[ZY\H][\HX[ܛK'H]HHH[ۙY\[\[›\ۈ\[\[XX&\˜]\[\X]Y]H\Y\[ݚYHH\][ۜ›XZH[HHY\XK8'HHZY X]H]]܂[X^ZH\Z[Y\&\Y[[H\ܝ\H\H\[\B[[܈]H[]\]Hو^\]]\[H\[\\Y[X[\Y\ZHY[&\Y[YX][ۋX^ZB\XZH\ܛH]\XH]\[˘[[XYYZ[Y\H[HXY^[H[X\H N