Change Magazine January 2018 Issue - Page 30

CHINA Grassroots Voices FIRST RESPOND China’s Marathon Life Savers 26 Change Magazine January 2018 Sun Jiayi Thousands of people were running a marathon. The powerful sound of footsteps and the cheering from the audience pierced the sky. Some runners wiped their sweat and continued running. Some of them stopped to drink water. Suddenly, a man felt giddy and fell to the ground. A few people in orange ran to him and did emergency service. A few minutes later, the man recovered. Thousands of people experience emergency situations in marathons every year. Immediate rescue can greatly help in saving people’s lives. First Respond, a leading Chinese social enterprise, does exactly that. It is dedicated to delivering exceptional first aid training, services, and solutions to businesses and individuals in the country. It is an American Heart Association (AHA) authorized training site and currently has two training centers located in Shanghai and Beijing. In June 2016, First Respond became the very first certified B Corporation in Mainland China. As of June 2016, they have successfully guaranteed the safety Change Magazine January 2018 27