Champions Digest November 2018 - Page 3

FITNESS & NUTRITION MATT PALAZOLLA FITNESS PERFORMANCE Range of Motion During Stretching When it comes to warming up your body prior to exercise or training, there are a few things to take into consideration. The body always has a baseline point in which it can create constant movement and explosive movement. The optimization of this baseline is critical to overall performance. Stretching is an approach most people use to warm their bodies up prior to strenuous movement. The problem with stretching statically, is that it alters your baseline by typically creating more range of motion. Increased range of motion isn’t an issue, as long as they train within that range of motion. However, most of us have tendencies to stretch more before we warm up for training or play, than we do before exercise. This creates inconsistencies in the body, and ultimately hurts us in the long run. If you’re someone who likes to stretch and have already incorporated this into your warm up, here’s what I’d suggest moving forward: - Make sure that your stretches pre-performance reflect what you do prior to exercise or your time at the gym. - Allow your stretches to be “realistic.” I’ll get into this another time, but the range of motion you’re trying to achieve in your stretch should be reflective of what you see in your daily/sports specific movements. Don’t stretch until it hurts. Seriously, shaking is okay when stretching, but pain is simply not good.