Champions Digest November 2018 - Page 2

A LETTER FROM GARY Dear Friends and Students of GGGA, This past month has been focused on high-level training and preparing our students for a number of tournaments. I am pleased to report that the students are well settled into the training program and many are seeing technical improvements and learning how to make better decisions on the course. Of course, there will always be challenges along the way for every student. Golf is a wonderfully, challenging game that teaches us lessons that we can apply to our every day life. When challenges arise, I encourage our students to learn from them, so they become wiser with their choices in future situations. Maintaining a positive attitude is key to making the best decision when the outcome is not exactly what we had intended. Check out the article in this month’s newsletter about the process our team utilizes to convert a challenge into an opportunity. This information goes a bit more in depth on this topic. Another critical part of the training program is fitness. The program, overseen by Matt Palazzolo, and assisted by two additional trainers, Gaston and Steven, focuses on correcting individual shortcomings and also building strength. This is a very unique process, which is a huge advantage to the students in our program. This approach helps our students make the improvements that are needed technically much quicker and improves all areas including strength, range of motion, functional movement, core strength, balance, and overall fitness. Physical strength will speed up the technical process. Golf has become more competitive over the years, which is why golf-specific fitness is fundamental to success. Having a great attitude, understanding that golf is a game for a lifetime, and sticking to the process are key to improvement at any level. I am really impressed with the level of commitment and dedication at training. All the best,