Chamber Vision May and June 2017 - Page 6

6 Date & June 2017 May Emporia Area Chamber of Commerce and Convention & Visitors Bureau Chairman’s Corner Changes Ahead Kind of gets your attention. Point is we anticipate change when dealing with many of life’s daily activities pretty well. It’s nothing for us to slow down or make route adjustments to get where we need to go. Pete Euler Chairman of the Board I guess then why do we have such a debate and decision on Emporia’s daily function, the stuff we need to do to make us a better community. We consult, we ask around and largely learn the same or similar that we need to change something or improve something for that thing to get better. Why has that route adjustment become so difficult? Your Chamber has been at work conducting surveys and gathering information relating to work force development. We’ve been out discussing housing needs. Why would we do these things? Industry, retail, commercial is telling us all the same thing. We’ve got big CHANGES AHEAD… If only we could find the people, if only they had a place to live. I hope I’m not the first to tell you the reality is we are not going to be the same. If we don’t attract the workforce those jobs will go somewhere. If we don’t have the housing they won’t move here. Result being if we aren’t moving forward with everyone then we look around and now we are behind. #CanDriveEmporia We can do it. It can start with you today, encourage someone, do something new, something out of the box. Lift someone up. The need is now, let’s get it done. Pete Euler 2017 Chamber Chairman