Chamber Vision May and June 2017 - Page 19

Emporia Area Chamber of Commerce and Convention & Visitors Bureau May & June 2017 Taking Care of Business Since 1897 Mission It is the mission of the Emporia Area Chamber of Commerce to be proactive in creating an environment for business and community success. Vision Positive attitudes promoting positive actions. Values Relationships – We seek broad, diverse and active participation of our members in programs and in the governance of the organization. We build and enhance relationships, and public/private partnerships. Innovation – We approach change and challenges to encourage innovation and creativity. We will utilize new technologies, delivering programs, services and opportunities. Excellence – We lead the way by delivering programs, products, and services of the highest quality. Integrity – We are a credible organization by being open, candid and fair; honoring our commitments; and adhering to the highest ethical standards. Leadership – We embrace and drive change by being visionary in our thinking, decision making and programming. Empowered Employees – We are a positive team with a family spirit. We encourage opportunities for personal growth, open communication, and celebration of successes. Your Board of Directors and staff of the Emporia Area Chamber and Visitors Bureau have worked diligently to resolve positive change by providing our community with broad and diverse service – from legislative awareness, business development to simply assist or have fun with fellow \[\[HقH[\ܚXH\XK\H[H\ݚYH[K\Y[X\][YKH[Z]™\\H\X\H[H[ZYH\ܙ[^][ۈHY\YX\8$[\H8'܈Hو[\ܚXHx'BH[\ܚXH\XH[X\و[Y\B[۝[[ۈ \]ܜ\X]KH[\Y[وHY][YBN