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14 May & June 2017 Emporia Area Chamber of Commerce and Convention & Visitors Bureau When to rent – when to own? a deposit and sign on the dotted “To rent or own – that is the question,” wrote Shakespeare in his line. “Renters have rights. We early draft of Hamlet in 1603. Well, help people understand steps they maybe that is not an exact quote can take when landlords are not but Hamlet might have avoided helpful.” some of his ‘sea of troubles’ if he had not been burdened with all those family castles and family feuds and could have instead concentrated on whether it is best to own or rent one’s dwelling. Chris Burk, Consumer Credit About HCCI [133 words] If you are dreaming of owning a home, Burk recommends scheduling an appointment with an HCCI Certified Counselor. HCCI will pull your credit report, do a thorough review of your spending Counseling Supervisor and Home habits and help you create a budget Buyer Specialist at Housing and you can live with that also lets you Credit Counseling, says, “I help pay down debt and build credit so people begin a list of pros and you can be pre-approved for a home cons for buying or renting. The loan. top two issues to sort through are your lifestyle and your mobility.” Mobility in this example is not about walking gracefully in spike heels or balancing on a Harley but it is all about how frequently or how suddenly you may need to relocate. Burk says lifestyle choices can often be decided quickly based on how much you enjoy mowing grass and repairing faucets to save on the maintenance costs of owning a home. He says life changing decisions such as where you want your children to attend school, how far you may need to commute to work or if you can have a pet can tip the scales – one way or the other - toward buying or renting a home. If you are renting now or expect to be a renter in the near future, Burk recommends you talk with the Rental Housing Counselors at HCCI. Teresa Baker, Supervisor, says her staff provides free counseling for renters, landlords and property managers based on the Kansas Residential Landlord and Tenant Act and Fair Housing Law. “It’s sad to say that renters often feel they don’t have rights, but they do,” says Baker. She said a majority of renters calling HCCI are simply trying to get their landlord to provide good maintenance. Baker recommends every renter read and understand the lease that is offered to them before they pay HCCI counsels by phone, by video-conferencing from the Lyon County Extension Service in Emporia, or at HCCI’s Topeka office. For an appointment call 1-800-383- 0217. Financial counseling is free for low and moderately-low income households (earning $48,250 or below annually for a family of four, for example). HCCI counsels about student loan debt, medical debt, home mortgage questions, credit card spending, budgeting, credit issues, garnishments, bankruptcy and more. Rental housing counseling is free for both renters and landlords. Founded in 1972 as a non- profit agency, Housing and Credit Counseling, Inc. (HCCI) is celebrating 45 years of providing financial, debt management )ɕхͥչ͕)ѡЁ-̸ͅ! $́չ)ЁѡUѕ]䁽ѡ)Ё!̰́ѥ!U)͕́ɕձѕѡ)-́ͅ ͥ