Chamber Vision July and August 2017 - Page 8

8 Date & August 2017 July Emporia Area Chamber of Commerce and Convention & Visitors Bureau Executive Board Update Leadership Emporia Registration Time is Here! David Hurlocker AT-HOME Health Care, Inc. Executive Board Vice-Chairman Almost thirty years ago the Emporia Area Chamber of Commerce started the community leadership program known as Leadership Emporia. Since that time it has grown, adapted and evolved into what it is today: one of the premier leadership development programs in the state of Kansas. Why am I proud of Leadership Emporia? This program is like no other in the state. While many programs would be content to be the success they have been, we are not. We want to get better every year. We know that the Emporia area; its people, organizations, clubs, churches, government officials, schools, businesses, families and the like face huge, daunting challenges. We cannot just hope that the challenges will pass on by. We have seen that fail time and again. We can assign blame for the problem if we’d like. After that is done, we are still left with an unsolved challenge. Leadership Emporia believes that anyone can lead, anywhere, any time. It is risky but anyone can start where they are and engage others in the work of solving our daunting challenges. We seek to give people the tools they need to start, maintain and complete that work. The leadership competencies we teach have been used effectively by thousands of Kansans. In fact, the Kansas Leadership Center in Wichita has become the destination for people from all over the globe to learn to make progress on daunting, adaptive challenges with their leadership competencies. Leadership Emporia has six Kansas Leadership Center certified facilitators holding teaching leadership certification. That is more than any other community leadership program in the state! These leadership competencies are the core curriculum of our program. Are you ready to make progress on the daunting challenges in your life? Do you want to find ways to engage and energize others? Leadership Emporia may be just the place for you. Check the Leadership Emporia Website for more information about dates and applications.