Chamber Vision July and August 2017 - Page 14

14 July & August 2017 Emporia Area Chamber of Commerce and Convention & Visitors Bureau Join a Professional Coaching Group Personal and professional coaching has fast become one of the most popular forms of development in today’s society. Growing your skills are critical for successful leadership and supervision. We are proud to be bringing peer coaching circles to our members and believe this is an outstanding way to develop yourself and/or your employees. A peer coaching circle is an economical way to help the participant learn to work through their challenges at work. To learn more about what is entailed with peer coaching circles we would like to invite you to an information meeting on Friday, August 4 at noon, in the ValuNet FIBER Smart room, here at the Trusler Business Center, 719 Commercial. What is a peer coaching circle and who can benefit? A peer coaching circle is a group of at least four individuals and a trained facilitator who are committed to attending six sessions held on an average of every three weeks. The dates below are suggested, and can be adapted to each group of participants. Each participant is coached and each participant will coach others in their group. Everyone is committed to helping everyone in their group reach their goal. This can be a powerful experience and will be facilitated by a trained professional to ensure the meetings are highly focused. Who can benefit from peer coaching? Really anyone! Do you have employees new to a supervisory position? Are you working on organizational change? Are you a young professional working at growing your profession? Do you want to expand your leadership development skills? These are just a few examples of who can benefit from attending these sessions. Curious? There is no obligation to join us for the informational meeting. If you interested in this type of coaching experience and cannot attend the informational meetin r"bFRFFW2&VpFBv&vFW"66VGVRV6RWBVR4Vr6R6W&R&WBFP&w&Bv&vFW 66VGVR7VvvW7FVBVW"66p6W762&RFRfvrFFW2s3F3FW6RFW26FW7BbFRw&Ww&VW2'W@WfW'RW7B&R6֗GFVBFGFVFr6W76267BF'F6FR2CS6VP4VB3C"c"VW B6VV&66&W"&rFV&&Rखf&FVWFsg&FVwW7BB6W76g&FVwW7B#P6W76#g&F6WFV&W"P6W763g&F7F&W"`6W76Cg&F7F&W"#p6W76Sg&FfV&W"`6W76cg&FFV6V&W"