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When churches and businesses partner together in Dawson County, the community wins By Melissa Mayton, Dawson County Chamber Membership Director The Church at War Hill hosted a #ServeOurCity event as a way to give back to Dawson County Wednesday, July 7. The church partnered with local Chevron Food Mart gas station owner Aseem Khan to offer deeply discounted gasoline at $1.75, free carwashes and free hamburgers. “I was very fortunate to be partnered with The Church at War Hill and their members to give back to Dawson County,” Khan said. “I am very thankful to be part of this beautiful, fast-growing community. I look forward to continuing to serve this area.” In addition to offering discounted gas, hamburgers and carwashes, The Church at War Hill also spread out into the county to provide outreach in the community. Associate Pas- tor Troy Shaw said 164 of the church’s members tackled 15 projects around the area including landscaping and spend- ing time with senior citizens. “We had a great night and fed a lot of folks,” Shaw said. The Dawson County Chamber of Commerce enjoys seeing its members working together for the benefit of the communi- ty. “We are thrilled to see our members collaborating togeth- er,” Dawson County Chamber President Christie Haynes said. “Watching the Church at War Hill partner with Chevron Food Mart to serve our community is an excellent example of how our members can use innovative ideas to support one another.” The Church at War Hill is located at 8847 Highway 53 East. For more information, you may visit or call 706-216-3080. Chevron Food Mart is located at 104 Highway 400 South. Member Spotlight: Wm. Jarell Jones, PC A client’s perspective of a new member of the Chamber - the law office of Wm. Jarell Jones, PC. “Jarell, thanks for handling the . . . (business litigation)!!! What a relief!” said Mary. She and her husband have been clients of Jarell for over 30 years. “He helps us with practically everything.” John, another thirty-year plus client says “It’s a huge benefit to have an attorney who also is a CPA. Jarell understands all aspects of the transaction – legal, tax, accounting and technical. It’s comfort- ing to have someone with his depth of technical knowledge, business experience and common sense representing your interests. We are very fortunate to have a lawyer/CPA who can deliver practical solutions to a wide range of issues.” What do these long-term clients know that Dawson Coun- ty residents need to know? Jarell Jones is new to Dawson County, having opened his law office in Dawsonville across Prominence Court from Medical Plaza 400; but he has been practicing law and accounting for over 30 years. He earned his CPA certificate in 1973 and was admitted to the Georgia Bar in 1979. Jarell is admitted to practice law in all federal and state courts in Georgia and is also a member of the Bar of the United States Tax Court. Jarell provides a general practice of law, including business litigation; real estate acquisition, construction, development and closings; estate, wills and trust planning; probate court proceedings; business and personal contracts; tax issues; business formation and capitalization; risk evaluation and Continued on page 14 August 2017 | 9