Challenge Penticton 2017 1 - Page 9

If you are camping, there may be a fire ban restricting you from having open flames, campfires or outdoor candles. Please check current Fire Bans at If there is no campfire ban in effect please consider these fire safety tips:

-Choose a safe area with no flammable materials and a proper fireplace or a ring of rocks to light your campfire.

-Do not have a campfire when it is windy.

-Never leave a campfire unattended.

-Keep a bucket of at least 8 litres of water nearby the fire at all times.

-Completely extinguish your campfire before leaving the area. There should be no embers and the coals should be cold to the touch.

Report wildfires and columns of smoke to 1-800-663-5555 or *5555 from a cell phone.

Wildlife: The Okanagan Valley is an area surrounded by forests, lakes, deserts and mountains. These sorts of terrain provide habitats to many wild animals. Please be aware of the possibility of wildlife encounters. Bears in the area have learned to live in close proximity to humans but can still be dangerous. To avoid a bear encounter make lots of noise and keep food in sealed containers. If you should come into contact with a bear stay calm, raise your arms to make yourself appear larger and back away slowly. Please also be aware of coyotes, poisonous rattlesnakes and the possibility of cougars. To avoid issues with coyotes keep pets and children close. Rattlesnakes are attracted to hot surfaces such as large rocks in the sun and pavement. The likeliness of a cougar encounter is lower however be alert and avoid using trails at night or alone. DO NOT FEED THE WILDLIFE!

Plantlife: Watch out for poison ivy

and miniature cacti if you are running

or biking on off-road terrain.