Challenge Penticton 2017 1 - Page 8



Prior to departing for Penticton, be sure to establish a communications plan with family and friends back home. Even if you are in Penticton with family and friends, it is essential that you have a plan for contacting or reuniting with your group following the race.

Swimming: You should always swim with at least one other person. While in the water, please wear brightly coloured swim caps,and inform someone of your whereabouts and timing. Swimming in the Lakes outside of race periods is undertaken at your own risk.

Safety: When cycling, please remain single file. Cyclists are reminded that they must obey all traffic regulations and rules of the road. Be aware that you practice or train at your own risk on the courses.

Drive the course: When you first arrive at the race site, drive the course (when possible) to become more familiar with the terrain. This way there should be no surprises on race day in regards to what you should expect.

Medical: During the races, injured or ill athletes will be assessed and admitted into the Medical Tent should the medical staff deem it appropriate. In the event that an athlete is sent to the Penticton Regional Hospital, or another neighbouring hospital, the related medical costs will be charged directly to the athlete. The medical staff will do their best to keep all athletes out of the hospital and get you back on your feet as soon as possible.

Wildfires: The Okanagan Valley can be known for wildfires and the race is in the height of wildfire season. Please be fire smart. Do Not Panic. Our staff and volunteers are very well trained to keep athletes safe, however it is good to be aware that if you are in a treed area and find yourself in a situation that you need to get away from a forest fire - move downhill. Fire travels uphill. Please make way for emergency vehicles at all times!! If an official in a BC Wildfire uniform orders you out of the area, please abide immediately.