Challenge Penticton 2017 1 - Page 30



After you have completed the race, please pick up your bike and gear from the transition zone as well as your morning gear. Challenge Penticton is not responsible for gear that is not picked up. You will be able to start checking out at 12:00 pm via Lakeshore Drive. The Bike lot closes at 2:30 pm. Please be aware that other athletes may still be racing. Double check your gear to be sure you have your own belongings. Our volunteers do their best to check that each athlete’s bib number matches the number on their bike and gear when they leave transition. Lost and Found opens at 10:00 am - 12:00 pm on Monday in the Cabernet Conference room of the Lakeside Resort.

*Bike Claim Ticket: Give your bike claim ticket to a family member. It will allow them to pick up your bike and gear if you are unable to do so. Your family will be unable to reclaim your bike and gear bags without the claim ticket.*


Results will be posted live to on race day.


Athlete Post Race Food will be available in the Finishers Tent during the day until 2:30 pm. The same quality and quantity will be available in the Finishers Tent for the first finisher to the final finisher.