Challenge Penticton 2017 1 - Page 26


Athletes will rack their bike then continue to the gear bag area. Volunteers will locate your bike to run gear bag. Volunteers will hand you your bag and you can continue through transition. THERE WILL BE NO CHANGE TENTS.

Medical facilities will also be available at the Transition Medical Tent.

Transition times will not be included in your bike split.

*Relay Team Members must handover timing chip in the designated Relay Team location*


After completing lap 2 of the bike course AquaBike Athletes will cross the timing mat 100 M from Transition. This will be your official finish time. Athletes will then enter transition to rack their bikes. Athletes can run across the finish line at their leisure to receive their finisher's medal and t-shirt.

*Finish Line Policy: Friends and/or family members are permitted to cross the finish line with their participating athletes.