Challenge Penticton 2017 1 - Page 23


The Half Distance Bike is actually 93 km to keep it as close to the World Championship course as possible. The Standard is 46.5 km.

The bike course is 2 laps for the Half Distance Athletes and one lap for the Standard Distance Athletes. The total elevation gain of the bike course is approximately 865 m. A more detailed elevation profile is attached below the bike course map.

Technical Vans will be on the course to assist with emergency repairs whenever possible, i.e. replacement of tubes, tires, chains etc.

The Bike Aid Stations are 3 aid stations indicated on the map. For Half Distance Athletes each aid station will be passed twice. Bike aid stations will have:

-Water (700 ml sport cap bottles)

-F2C Mango GlycoDurance in 750ml sport cap bottle – 200 calories per bottle


-Gels (PowerBar)

-Bars (PowerBar)

At aid stations call out your supply requirements clearly and in advance. Position yourself to ride along the closest line to the aid station. Crews are instructed not to step across the white line for hand-offs. Do NOT toss bike bottles, sponges, cups or nutrient bags on the roadside along the course. Bike bottles must be tossed toward the bottle drop at the entrance and/or exit of each station.