CFT SA It's all about the Fascia! May 2017 - Page 7

The birth should be as natural as possible. Forceps and the vacuum suction method can be very traumatic. The suction tube can be positioned directly over the falx cerebri and the superior sagital sinus at the top of the cranium. This artificial pressure may actually tear the dural meninges. Theoretically, forceps just apply strain to the dura, which can generally be corrected with CFT. But if the dura is torn in the vacuum process, permanent damage may result.

Because the whole birthing process can be a traumatic physical event, every newborn should be checked with the Baby Brain Score (BBS) and treated, if necessary, with CFT. Currently, nothing is done, and the child can grow in and out of a series of conditions from infant colic to teenage headaches to a lifetime of suffering.

The incidence of colic in the American infant population is approximately 20%.

When a baby is diagnosed with colic, nothing can be done medically to manage or correct the problem. Family psychological issues can often arise. The parents do not know where to turn or what to do.

I believe that fetal and birth trauma can cause a severe disturbance of the craniosacral fascial system in the abdominal area. Because of this tightness, the infant is extremely uncomfortable and continually cries in pain. When the brain and sacrum open and this fascia relaxes with CFT over a series of visits, the infant can become more comfortable and happier. Sometimes the child will have an immediate positive response the moment the craniosacral fascial system releases.

He/she may sleep for hours. READ MORE

Model: Joshua Lelileke