CFT SA It's all about the Fascia! May 2017 - Page 6

The Birth Process,

Colic, Craniosacral

Fascial Therapy


We cannot go back into the past to change our own births, but we certainly can improve the quality of health for future generations. Before the pregnancy a mother needs to have her craniosacral fascial system open to properly activate the important birth pituitary hormones (oxytocin and prolactin) and minimize any pelvic fascial pressure on the fetus in pregnancy, labor, and delivery.

After conception, the fetus spends about nine months maturing in the womb. There are many structural circumstances that could create a problem for a newborn. Due to a trauma to the mother, the fetus may be injured. For example, if the mother is involved in a car accident, the fetus may be traumatized by the steering wheel. A long, hard labor and/or delivery can strain the body’s craniosacral fascial system.

Colic and Reflux

by Dr. Barry Gillespie