CFT SA It's all about the Fascia! May 2017 - Page 5

The Baby Brain Score (BBS)

is a screening tool that measures neonatal neurophysiology. It is an effective method of manually checking the brain function of a newborn.  If there is a neurological compromise, Craniosacral Fascial Therapy (CFT) in the first few minutes of life can help correct the structural effects of fetal and birth traumas. CFT can prevent many diseases from appearing later in life and, more importantly, promote optimum cognitive brain function.

The benefits of the BBS/CFT:

When parents naturally add love, good nutrition, and exercise to the newborn equation, the BBS/CFT possibilities can become endless:

It can :

create a happy and content baby

happy mom, dad, siblings, extended family, and friends.

excellent infant neurological function

facilitate the ability to latch on

parents being sufficiently rested

structural immunity later as a toddler

prevent childhood diseases like asthma,

headache, ADHD, learning disorders, and more

It can create a neurological learning environment where focus

concentration, memory, thinking, and other cognitive functions can be maximized at school.

Finally, it can result in a child who can be the best he/she can be for his/her entire life