CEOMOM Magazine April 2017 - Page 34

I focused on girls, because my little girl was the one who was watching me. My son asked, "When are you going to include me?"  Now he hosts the red carpet. We did it because we deduced that little boys needed inspiration as well. Dallas was our first time doing the boys and girls together. After, my son had a big smile on his face. He said, “Mom, now I’m a part of it. Now it is a family business.” Tell us a little about the history of the Dream Bigger Tour. Where do you see the tour in 5 years? I want this tour to be a global movement of moms and kids coming together. We want to spark this movement of moms that don’t have to choose. We want to learn how to translate our dreams into a family business. We want this to be an international event. We want women to be empowered to make changes in their lives. Mommy & Me is supposed to be a community. We want the same women to come back. We have several kids who have gotten business ideas just by being in the room. This is something that we don't talk about in schools. We want them to know that you do have options. We want moms to be able to teach kids how to start businesses. We love seeing kids on that level. We want to give them the blueprint to get their businesses started.  Summarize what moms and kids can expect from the tour. Moms and kids can expect to receive a lot of information that is relevant to business and their lives. Moms can network with other moms who have similar stories. We show you how to put together your business plan, and give you tips and shortcuts, as well as help you create a community. Moms can be encouraged and edified. Some moms are still trying to discover their purposes. Finding your purpose reignites your passion. The kids are learning to dream at a young age. We teach them about money and budgeting.  The next city on the Dream Bigger Tour is Houston, Texas on April 22. Register at dreambiggertour K\H\[YHX]X]\Hو^H[Z[KH]]^HY\H]HZ[B[[˰H]HY[[\Y[][[[[H[HYȋSSH0000