CEOMOM Magazine April 2017 - Page 22

Fit Mom: Staying Fit through Dance TAMIKA HANDY :  HANDY FITNESS Tamika uses dance to help women get and stay fit Looking at Tamika Handy you would never guess that she is the mother of 5. This fit mom, wife, and former dancer for the Sacramento Kings NBA team is showing that even with a busy schedule and a full plate of responsibilities, women can still remain fit and healthy. Tamika uses dance to help women maintain a healthy lifestyle while having fun.  She calls it cardio dance and from the looks of it, it is changing lives one movement at a time.  What is HandyFitness? What are your products and services? HandyFitness is me. I am a one woman show. I am a personal trainer. I am certified in different dance formats. I am also a weight loss coach. I help people get on track. My classes are mobile. I teach evening classes in Duncanville, Texas. My main focus is helping clients know where to start based on their goals. It’s helping them to design a plan that will fit their lifestyle. We consider if they have any specific health issues. We try to make the health plan a little bit simpler. I also develop a workout plan for them whether it is working with them one on one or something they can do on their own. For example, if a mom has 3 kids and is running a business, the ultimate goal is to help her lead a lifestyle that will fit her busy schedule.  Describe cardio dance fitness. What makes it different from traditional aerobics? The reason I named my class cardio dance is because I incorporate dance into each class. I didn’t want to call it hip hop or give it a specific name so people wouldn’t be discouraged from doing it. It is a high energy workout that will tone you, sculpt your body, and burn calories using a variety of music. Are there other companies like HandyFitness? If so, how does your company stand out from competition? There are other dance formats that can be compared to it. There are other trainers and fitness instructors out there. I would say for my class, it feels like a party. You forget that  you are working out because you are having a good time to the music. It’s like going to a party with your girls. It allows women to feel comfortable in their own skin. It’s fun. It’s entertaining. It’s a no judgment zone. I help women to embrace their bodies. HandyFitness embodies the essence of women. We want women to work hard and feel confident, healthy, and beautiful.  What tips do you have for moms who want to start a health plan in the new year? I am a mom of 5 kids. When I first started my journey I wrote down my goals. 1 Write down your goals. 2. Be honest with yourself as to why you want to accomplish your goals. If we focus on our why we tend to stick with it more. CEOMOM   |   22