CEOMOM Magazine April 2017 - Page 19

I have to work  smarter not harder. I have to know when to shut it off. I have to be present. I was able to be a stay at home mom for a while, but it was about quantity not quality. Now I am able to sit on the floor and play Legos. When I am with my kids, I am 100% with them. I am not consumed by what work needs to be done in the house. Because I am not there all day, I value the time I have with them. It is intentional. I am a lot more present when I am able to compartmentalize. Being a CEO mom is challenging to say the least. You’re constantly being pulled in different directions. Your life is full of demands. How do you maintain personal peace? If I don’t arm myself with the word and God in the morning, I can pretty much expect not to be the best me. I feel like I am more aware of his presence when I do seek him first. Otherwise, I will be rude and g'W7G&FVBRF( BvBF&PVGFB2ג&"BvBVW0R&FVBvFWfW"6W2גvЦB6VrWfVFR&B7GVfb0VBf"vBRrFBB26WGWf"6WFrvBFW67&&RG6FFRƖfR`6'&'&6ऒvRWBSCR7VBFR&W &VFrB7VBFRvFFR&Bv&WBfRFv&WBBc3fR6V6FFFBЦfW'vVVBbF( Bv&WBvWBFf7W2Rf"ƗGFRvRrא֖BFW7BFB&R6V"6PRBFVFRג6F66א'&Vf7G2&R6'BvF6FR &FV&"6BvFג6BfP'&Vf7BFVN( 2W7VǒVWFw2f6Fr֖Bff6RrגvV'6FP"&W&rגFǒVWFw2f WVVB'fF"N( 266VF,*4T * * *77VR#r#3