CEOMOM Magazine April 2017 - Page 18

SABRINA ON FAITH, FAMILY AND MAINTAINING PERSONAL PEACE When speaking to or being around Sabrina Harrison, you can’t help but to be inspired. Her passion and immense desire to change the lives around her is evident in her work as the force behind the Sabrina Harrison brand, co-founder of Mint Dentistry, and founder of Equipped by Faith. As a wife, mother of two, lifestyle expert, business owner and ministry leader, Sabrina has not only mastered the art of balance, she is redefining it. CEOMOM was excited to interview this dynamic woman of God. W I once heard a working mom say that women should not strive for balance, because it is an unrealistic goal. They should instead seek counterbalance. Do you agree? What does balance mean to you? I 100% believe there is a such thing as balance. Before you add anything to your plate you have to remove something. You have to pray over every opportunity that comes your way. Every opportunity is not best for you. Consider the cost. What do you have to give up to add something. Make sure you keep God first. When you don’t, things get out of order and start falling apart. Your priorities get out of line. We are not perfect. We are always going to slack in some areas. Maybe today I didn’t work out, tomorrow I can work out. Maybe you didn’t think you were the best mom today. There is always tomorrow. Always remove things from your plate before you take on more. Avoid burn out. As Christians, we believe that because God is in us we can do it all. At the end of the day I want to be fruitful, not just busy. It’s a challenge to be mindful of what to add to your plate. I think more success requires more organization. You have to prove you are successful at the level you’re at before you get more.  Whether it's balance or counterbalance, how do you achieve either without compromising your role as a mom? It takes giving up a lot more than I used to. I have to work out because I have to take care of myself. I have to wake up and pray and seek God’s word. If not, I don’t have a protective covering. I don’t have that armor. I don’t look at social media in the morning. I try to first seek the Lord and spend time with him and then work out. That is very therapeutic for me. It takes care of me. If I am empty I don’t have anything to give. I plan way ahead of time, even a month ahead. When you blink children will take over your life. You are not going to get everything done. Determine what can wait. What is pressing. Make monthly agendas and plan. Don’t be too tied to your plans. Be flexible. Do what you can with your time. My kids are always going to come first. Everything else comes after. I have set times to work. When I work I give 100%. CEOMOM   |   18