CEOMOM Magazine April 2017 - Page 14

What separates Squid Inc. from other public relations firms?   The difference between Squid Inc. and other public relations firms is the guidance and service I provide is based on 20 years of experience in New York and Houston.  My experience working closely with designers and building their brand from all aspects of the business from design to wholesale to retail to marketing allows me to provide a comprehensive point of view to public relations and branding. Where do you see Squid Inc. in 5 years? In 5 years, I see Squid Inc. expanding into a national public relations firm. How do you balance running a successful public relations firm with being a wife and mom? That is the toughest part of my life.  I think all three take turns being the priority.  The last two months I launched “LAUNCH,” my pop-up shop, and my husband and daughter managed without me. The last few days most of my time has been spent with my family.  It has truly taken a village to raise my daughter; I have help from my mother, mother-in-law, and sisters.  It’s hard to balance all three, but having a supportive husband and family is key to my success. We love that Conscious Couture Resale Event highlights inspiring women in fashion, philanthropy, and business, while supporting the fight against human trafficking. What does it mean to be selected as a 2017 Style Boss Honoree?   It is an honor to be selected as a 2017 Style Boss Honoree.  Fashion today is so much more than trends. It's about making social statements through our purchasing power.  Conscious Couture Resale provides consumers the  Photo by: Simon Ly Photography opportunity to not only make a fashion statement but a social statement as well.     Congratulations on the success of LAUNCH. What is the inspiration behind LAUNCH? What can we expect from the next 6  week pop- up shop in April? LAUNCH was inspired by the growing number of designers and artisans from Houston.  Many of th B\Yۙ\ۛH[ۛ[H܈][\ܘ\H ]\ˈ0USݚY\[^[Y]Z[]ܛB]\[[\H[۝\\B\X[ۙH^H^\Y[K0܈B^US[\[ [H[^X[ܙH\[\[\\[[X\ܚY\ˈ0H[HY[šYH[XHX\]YXH[[H]HB[H[\\ۂXX[][ۜ\H܈H\[ۂ[\O0ZHp[YKY[H\H[\[\ۂXX[][ۜ\H܈H\[ۂ[\KZHH[YH[\[[\Y[X]\H]\HY[\™Y\[ 0X[Y[[\Y[8&\™^X][ۜ\^K0[H۸&][ٙ\[ܙH[[H[[]\]\[\]ܚ]H\[ۈ]\ B]O0^H]ܚ]H\[ۈ]\ Z]H\^B[[X[[[HY[[[B[[Z[0^H\H\X܈^B[\]X][[]\][HX[\\ˈ0][[H^H\HY\\[ۈZ\ZH[\XZO0HY\\[ۈZ\ZH[\›XZH\H][YܝXH[[H[ˈ0^HZ\ZH\^H00SSH000 M