Centre Pass

TEAM STRATEGIES CENTRE PASS ENERGY There is a variety of eight options on the centre pass. The theory of scoring from every centre pass then gaining possession from one of the opposition’s centre passes sounds logical. If only winning was that easy. The only element that alters this logic is the human factor. Possession is the name of the game and delivering every centre pass off successfully ENERGY increases the opportunity for a win. PASSING RUNNING Players need to think for themselves and offering some structured centre passes to your team enables them to adjust faster to a situation and feel secure knowing who gets what ball. Systems can eliminate the problem of too many players offering for one pass and take stress off the centre. ENERGY 1. Line Up • WA and GA set up so there is approximately just over a metre between them. • Both lead on an angle with the player behind always receiving the centre pass. • Whatever side the front player takes, the player behind takes the opposite lead. • It doesn’t matter who sets up behind or who sets up at back. The player at the back always receives the ball. • The front player re-offers after centre pass has been released, by clearing and driving to the head of the circle and receives. 2. Two on One • When the situation occurs that the opposition centre drops back to double defend the WA, change the options on centre pass. • Encourage WA to move to the side creating space for the GA to receive centre pass. • GA should try to get inside position on the GD and come out straight receiving ball in the middle of the court. Try and encourage the GA off the sidelines as receiving central opens up the options for next pass. • After GA has received WA then receives next pass on the head of the circle. • If, after the WA has moved to the side, the opposition centre comes back to the middle to defend, change options. Now there is a one on one situation and the WA can receive the centre pass without pressure. © Energy Netball 2009, All Rights Reserved | www.energynetball.com.au