Celebrate Learning! Fall 2015 (Vol 7, issue 1) - Page 6

By Dorothy Minor Associate Professor Communication Services Northeast Campus CELT Director free screen capture. Logan Phillips provided help on how to connect with millennials using technology they know and understand. October 9, 2015, seventy-five participants shared in a learning experience at TCC’s Northeast Campus. With twenty-seven presenters for twenty breakout sessions along with an excellent keynote on sustainability by Dr. Marty Matlock, participants had much from which to choose. Overall, the sessions offered variety and learning fun. Pam Chew’s session on learning Italian engaged participants and had them speaking Italian within a few minutes. Tom Rowe entertained and taught about the history of the English language. Stayonference 2015 truly gave participants a local conference well worth their time. In the keynote, Dr. Matock, University of Arkansas Professor in the Biological and Agricultural Engineering Department, spoke about sustainability as “process of continuous improvement, focusing on critical concerns across economic, social, and environmental domains.” Mr. Matlock reminded participants that sustainability must become the norm in higher education and that we must disseminate knowledge within our educational communities---sharing with colleagues and students. Plan to attend Stayonference 2016 as a participant and/or presenter! Submit a Proposal Email Dorothy Minor, Dorothy.Minor@tulsacc.edu, with the following information:  Name(s) of the presenter(s)  Presentation Title  Send an abstract of 50 words explaining the topic and how the topic fits within the theme of Forward Thinking which includes social media in the classroom, innovations in teaching, library resources and innovations, active learning, Web tools, and/or learning games  Include audio-visual needs Sessions included topics such as the flipped classroom. In that session, Dr. Rick Gilman described his method of flipping his history classrooms to make the most of the time he has with the students. Dr. Cindy Hess and Dr. Bill Ivy shared the faculty role of aiding students to complete college. Certainly, faculty members have a strong interest in seeing students not only succeed in individual classes, but to graduate and continue in whatever endeavor they choose next. Submit a Poster Self-explanatory posters will be displayed during the Stayonference. Provide information on the poster to paint a clear picture without overwhelming the viewers. Accepted: Faculty or student-created posters. Reminders:  Focused, limited topic with statement of problem, idea, technique  Clear title and author(s); clear source of information  Handouts on the information and contact information Andy Taylor showed those who attended his session how to “harness the power of knowledge in an organization.” Jennifer Campbell and Lynnda Brown demonstrated how to create accessible documents, certainly helpful in completely online classes, but not exclusively for those classes. In one of several technology sessions, participants learned from Julie Luscomb how to use a Submit by April 29, 2016 6